Experience Change with RHM Counseling Services LLC.  COMING SOON:  WORKSHOP FOR COUPLES ON THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES FOR MAKING MARRIAGE WORK (Drs. John and Julie Gottman).  Please contact us if interested so we can add you to our list.


“Discussing positive experiences leads to heightened well-being, increased overall life satisfaction and even more energy”

Nathaniel Lambert

Couples Therapy

What To Expect At Your Visit

Our goal at RHM Counseling Services is to help you feel comfortable.  Your initial visit will be very much like any other appointment.  After checking in, your assigned clinician will escort you from the waiting area to an office.  There, once introductions are made, the clinician will ask lots of questions and your questions will be answered, will discuss with you what is working well and not working well at the moment, and will determine recommendations for therapy - all with your help.  You may be asked to complete brief assessments. 
The initial session (diagnostic assessment) can be considered an interview of sorts - you want to be able to speak openly and comfortably with the therapist.  Once your initial assessment/diagnostic evaluation is complete, you will work with the clinician to formulate your goals for therapy - what you hope to change and/or achieve in the short and long term.   Our view is that you are the expert in your life.  We look forward to working with you on your journey!

Child Psycholgist

Our Services

RHM Counseling Services, LLC was established in 2015 in Warner Robins, Georgia.  I've worked endlessly to bring to my clients care that is compassionate, confidential, and professional.  My hope is to continue to grow behavioral health care so that it is accessible to all individuals.  At RHM, we implement effective, evidence-based therapy approaches to help you achieve your best life. Therapy takes courage, and we acknowledge that in all that we do.    
Both in-person and telehealth options are available at present for individual, family, and couples counseling.  We are working toward including group therapy as well for children and adolescents.  Please contact our office about current group therapy offerings and schedules.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

Attentive Therapist

Family Therapy

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At RHM Counseling Services, LLC, we are enthusiastic about helping individuals and families develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

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